Search History is now available

Case Search dashboard allows you to search for Individuals / Companies / Case IDs with several options to fine-tune the search such as High Accuracy / High Coverage modes, FIR search, Pre-search filters such as Years, States, Court Type, Case Status etc. These are all very powerful features to improve your hit rate for crime records, but there were two missing pieces:

  • It has been tricky to re-do or reproduce the same search again, with all the selected flags etc, perhaps for a cross-check
  • There was no option to view your previous usage, or review searches done from your account

To address these issues, we have now added Search History.

To access this feature, click on the “Search History” icon beside the search input box:

Search History icon is available beside the search input box

On clicking, the search history table will be shown:

Search History table with list of previous searches, and option to repeat a previous search

Here you can proceed to view previous searches, with all the additional flags that were used as well.

You might find the “Search Again” option very useful, as it fills and selects all used flags automatically, and you can repeat the search in just one click. You could use this option to make small tweaks to previous searches as well.

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