Case Search UI Improvements

Over the past years since Case Search was released, we had added several features to the application, to make it easier to search, filter and sort the crime records returned to you. Many of these features were added as flags and dropdowns in the UI. During this period, we have determined sensible defaults and best location for some of these UI elements, and hence we are rolling out this release with these improvements.

Some of these changes are listed below:

  • Less commonly used options (like FIR search, High Precision search) are now collapsed under “Advanced Options”:
  • List of results has been cleaned-up a little bit, to be more easier to read, view stats, and download the results:
  • Other enhancements to speed-up daily usage:
    • Clicking on any of the search type (Individual, Company etc) will open the search details dialog, with the cursor already in place to start typing. This should save at least 2 clicks compared to previous version.
    • Copy-to-clipboard option is available wherever Case Number / CNR / FIR number is displayed, this will save few keystrokes for every copy that you do
Copy Case Number option
  • Keyboard shortcuts:
    • Pressing Enter key in any of the search inputs will trigger the search, will save the time to move the mouse to “Search” button
    • Pressing Escape key will hide the search dialog if open