Why is it important to use API for CrimeCheck?

API Integration for faster and error-free usage at scale
API Integration for faster and error-free usage at scale

Doing background checks on people or organisations is a long process. It requires several steps, leaving businesses in the dark. It is important to know who you are dealing with, but it has to be within certain time limits.

Currently, there are several companies working on background verification solutions. However, they all lack a single aspect.

The CrimeCheck app is a background verification service that allows companies to streamline the process of conducting background checks – a background verification company that supports businesses in verifying their vendors, partners, applicants and employees – leaving businesses to focus on their core objective.

It helps companies identify individuals who are more likely to commit fraud by conducting thorough background checks within minutes. A computerized algorithm runs the reports on the basis of relevant data, which is more reliable than human resource personnel or companies performing them.

Our technology is developed with the singular purpose of providing instant, automated, and up-to-date information about criminal activities. CrimeCheck uses advanced technologies to analyze data from a wide variety of sources and deliver actionable results in real-time.

The company’s clients could either check the service directly or integrate CrimeCheck’s API with their existing IT infrastructure. This would allow for seamless audits of potential employees. 

With its API, businesses can automatically screen potential employees or verify the identity of job applicants. CrimeCheck’s powerful algorithm flags criminal records and sanctions quickly, saving you time and money.

How does using our API save you a ton of time?

CrimeCheck is a web-based solution that helps customers improve their risk assessments by providing important information about individuals, vehicles and location. The web-based application gives users the ability to search, select and review information on people, vehicles and addresses for a specific period of time, which can be used to make informed decisions.

CrimeCheck allows you to integrate the CrimeCheck APIs into your own software, creating a seamless experience for your users.

APIs are your best friend. They allow two applications to talk to each other, passing data and information back and forth that each needs to run its own processes. And this is a powerful way to leverage what another application or platform has to build your own application.

Some major benefits clients can reap by opting for the API integration:

  • Avoid data entry errors, since the entire process is automated
  • Seamless input and report generation allows the client team to save a lot of time – they now need to audit only the flagged ones
  • Avoid last minute rushes and miss out on incident reports

We encourage clients to provide CrimeCheck with all the details about the transaction and entity (like entity name, address, vehicle number, person name, etc.). Our clients use web forms provided by the CrimeCheck team to enter these details about the transaction, entity and agent.

Normally, clients provide details separately for each entity. This consumes a lot of time and errors are also common during data entry.

However, by providing API mode, clients can provide these details through a single API call. This saves time in data entry, avoids errors, and makes the check process faster.

CrimeCheck’s API is the way to go about this.  With our API integration, our app gets access to your database. By providing API access to our database, clients can have their system check for criminal records at the point of data entry.

This reduces data entry errors.

This also reduces the time involved in auditing every single report. 

How CrimeCheck helped a company saved a ton of time for a company

Our clients have been able to move from a manual process with high costs and low efficiency to a streamlined, automated process that saves them 30 man-days every month. This has enabled their entire team to focus on other tasks.

CrimeCheck, with its API integration, automates the entire background check process, helping clients save time and money.