Crime Portal Overview (Video)

2-minute video showing an overview of Crime Portal

Crime Portal is a dashboard, where you can submit details of an entity – a person or a company – and get a detailed Crime Report with details of relevant court cases and the risk involved in transacting with that entity.

Once you login, you’ll be in the home page, which shows a list of recent requests and their statuses.

Click on the “Create Request” button at the top to submit a new request for Crime report.

First, select the type of entity you are requesting for – either Company or Individual. Then proceed to fill-in the details in the form below, or simply drag-and-drop an excel file with the details. Once you cross-check the details, proceed to submit the request.

After submission, you’ll see it appearing in the recent requests section of the home page, with a unique ID for each request. You can also view all previous requests by going to History option on the sidebar, and clicking on Requests

Whenever the request is completed by the CrimeCheck team, you’ll see it’s status as completed, and you’ll also receive an email with the report. From the dashboard, you can click on the View icon to see the interactive report.

The report shows the input details provided by you, followed by the findings of the Crimecheck team. First is a risk-o-meter, which gives a straight-forward indication of the risk associated with the given entity. An overall summary is provided by our team of lawyers, which explains the risk at a high level.

Scrolling down, you can see the list of cases for each profile, and clicking on the case number gives you all details available in the court record.

You can also download the report as a PDF, for sharing and filing purposes.

To get started with Crime Portal, contact us.