Real-time reports ⚡️

Real-time reports are instantaneous with no false positives

When you request a CrimeCheck report for a given profile, be it a Company or an Individual, our usual process is to run it through our internal team consisting of Data Analysts, Para-legal and Legal folks. They go through all court records relevant to the given profile, narrow down the list of cases, and ascertain the risk associated with the profile based on your requirements (based on you being in Fintech or BGV domain). This process usually takes between an hour to 24 hours (based on priority and other factors). Due to the thoroughness of the process, this report is vetted by our team of lawyers and is very reliable.

For some purposes where the stakes are low and turn-around time requirement is tighter (say between few minutes to hours), a time frame spanning hours might not be suitable. You need a quick report as soon as possible. For this purpose, we present to you Real-time reports.

Real-time reports use our proprietary machine-learning models to identify only true-positive cases with very high relevance, and give you a report within few seconds. This is ideal in certain domains such as micro-lending where you want to take a quick decision.

Comparison with Detailed reports

Here’s a table to help you understand the difference between real-time reports and the Detailed report:

Detailed ReportReal-time Report
MechanismRelevant records from our database of 22 crore records are passed through a team of Para-legal and Legal experts.

Semi-automated solution
Relevant records are passed through our proprietary algorithms and Machine-learning models. No vetting by Lawyers.

Fully automated solution
ContentIn addition to case details, legal summary of the profile, of individual cases, summary of order/judgement including maximum punishment etc are provided.

Comes with seal & signature of a lawyer
Case details are provided
TATUp to 24 hours~ 1 minute
Hit-rateHigher, as manual scrutiny considers likely matches alsoLower, as automated solution considers only 100% true positives
SuitabilityFor high-ticket profiles, where thoroughness is important, where TAT above 4 hours is acceptableFor low-ticket profiles, where faster turnaround is important

If you find this product or any of our other crime-verification solutions interesting, just drop us a message – we’ll be happy to give you more details of the solutions.

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