Backed by the biggest database of court records in India, CrimeCheck helps you search court cases against any person or company anywhere in India.

This blog covers our product guides, information about new updates, insights from our data etc.

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Crime Portal

Submit requests for risk reports on Individuals, Companies. Reports will contain court records against the input if any, vetted by our team of lawyers, along with a Risk Profile (Very High Risk to No Risk)

Case Search

Search for cases in CrimeCheck’s database – the largest in India. Records from all courts and tribunals in India, along with Orders & Judgements and FIRs are one click away.

API Integration

Ready-to-integrate APIs so that you can build CrimeCheck into your system, or white label our search or reports. Real-time reports are available which provides cases and risk profile in a matter of seconds.

Latest Posts

  • Deep Learning for Deeper Impact – Sharing One Application of ML at CrimeCheck
    At Crimecheck, we continuously look at ways to leverage tech to increase value to our clients – through improvement accuracy, faster results or unlocking new possibilities. Machine Learning has been one of our strong areas, using our huge data moat to keep improving our products. We keep adding trained models to step in for humans … Read more
  • Why is it important to use API for CrimeCheck?
    Doing background checks on people or organisations is a long process. It requires several steps, leaving businesses in the dark. It is important to know who you are dealing with, but it has to be within certain time limits. Currently, there are several companies working on background verification solutions. However, they all lack a single … Read more
  • Why is it important to conduct a CrimeCheck before giving a loan ?
    When financial institutions establish a new relationship with a client, it is critical that they can verify the authenticity of the client’s identity. The purpose of this warrant is to verify the authenticity of an individual’s identity. Due to the increasingly interconnected global financial system, banks need to quickly verify customer information to ensure that … Read more
  • Download most relevant court cases as a Risk Report
    With Case Search, you can search for court cases against and Individual or Company and dig into the details of each record. Now we have released a feature with which you can also download it as a Risk report – a PDF file that you can use for sharing and filing purposes. This feature is … Read more
  • API Integration – Add Report API
    The Add Report API is used to request for a non-realtime report from CrimeCheck (for those familiar with the Crime Portal, this is just an API interface to the same functionality). Using this API, you can send the details of an entity (a person or a company), and get back a detailed report with details … Read more

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