How legal history impacts NPA risks


How to reduce NPAs by 30% with Legal History Checks

16th November 2022 | 4:00 p.m to 5 p.m

Are you missing out on a critical piece of information that could reduce your NPAs by 30%? 

There is a deep correlation between a person’s legal history and their likelihood to default on your payment. Pradeep Bhat, founder & CEO of CrimeCheck, will reveal this correlation using statistics from a database of 28 cr court records and live implementations.

During this webinar, CROs and Senior Risk Officers at leading financial institutions will share insights on how legal history checks have helped them keep their loan books healthy.

Through this webinar you get to learn:

  • Repeat offense rate across individuals & companies
  • Value of risk averted with legal history checks: MSME vs Personal Loans
  • Challenges with current credit decisioning processes
  • How leading BFSI companies are using legal history checks

Our Speakers


Rajaram Manian

CRO – Adani Capital

Villis Gasper

National Head – RCU, Altum Credo

Pradeep Bhatt

CEO, CrimeCheck

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