CrimeCheck’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Screening

CrimeCheck’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Screening

A comprehensive set of AML checks to help you screen out potentially suspicious individuals, prevent fraud, and stay compliant.

Our proprietary AI-powered search algorithms help you truly automate your AML screening – providing low false positives and high accuracy.

Stay ahead of financial crime

Screen global sanctions, warnings and PEP lists and get a real-time response:

Sanctions & Warnings

    • Sanction lists published by 150+ entities including OFAC, SDN, UN Sanctions List, US Bureau, MHA, etc.
    • 1000+ Warnings lists spanning across Asia, Europe, North / South America, incl. Customs, fugitives, etc.


    Identify PEPs in 200+ countries:
    • Domestic PEP
    • Foreign PEP
    • Type of PEP – Head of State, Regional PEP, etc.

    How it works

    – Total Number of Hits
    – Databases where hits were found
    – Hit Details

    * “Name” is required as a mandatory field. “Year of birth”, “name of sanction list”, and “country” are optional and are used to improve search accuracy

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